Program | Performances

"The Last Words of Domenico" de Vitor Lago Silva
Performance: 7 minutes


The project "TlwoD" uses the words of a speech of a madman - Domenico - character in the movie "Nostalghia" Andrei Tarkovsky. This political and social discourse is rebuilt and re-mixed in a new discourse through the movements of a performer, giving it new voices.

As Jacques Derrida says: if we deconstruct and reconstruct a speech again, giving it a new form, it is possible for us to discover new meanings of that speech. I believe that the speech of madmen on the streets hidden many undesirable truths, so the main purpose of this project is to re-mix the speech of a madman (Domenico), thus seeking to reveal these hidden meanings. 

The performer equipped with a Wireless Sensitive Suit, generates a random speech sounds through their movement and re-mix these sounds through a sensitiveglove.

This Wireless Sensitive Suit is a performance instrument that is equipped with multiple sensors that capture some movements of the performer and a wireless system for sending data from the sensors to a PC where the sound is generated. 


"Attic Tesla" de João Maia e Silva e Vitor Lago Silva

Concert/performance: 20 minutes


Attic Tesla is an experimental electronic music project where a sensitive performer (equipped with the Wireless Sensitive Suit) and a musician control digital instruments in real time to create music by interacting performer/music/public and manipulate the repetition of history.